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Native Texan. Third-Generation Japanese. Pacifist. Cheese eater. Dispatcher. Nerd. Pro-wrestling enthusiast. Hopeless romantic. Brutally honest. Male Feminist. Friendly. Liberal. Non-alcoholic. Articulate. Debonair. Chemist. Toy collector. Debater. Food taster. Eloquent. Spell checker. Photoshopper. Thrifty. Big girl lover. Collector of weird things. Walking Dictionary. IKEA Furniture assembler. Movie lover. Amateur electronics repairman. Cat herder. Sniper. Grocery store lover. You Tube addict. Classic gamer. LEGO Manic. Safety Man. Vintage Youth. Medic. Husband.

I've written articles about professional wrestling, video games, action figures, convenience stores, movies, music, and sports.

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